Alejandro César Delgado Rivero

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.855-865

This review article proposes to carry out a bibliographic study about the experiences in the application of the Regulatory Quality Analysis methodology – ACR in the state entities of Peru and other countries, with the purpose of obtaining valuable contributions to future studies or experiences in the application of that methodology. To reach this purpose, this work compiles the main conclusions of reports, experiences and ACR processes in the Peruvian state, as well as other specific studies related to administrative simplification. After an evaluation and valuation of the information obtained, an analysis of the results was carried out, and it can be concluded that they are positive experiences in the application of the ACR in Peru, however there is still a lack of ex post analysis to certify the efficiency of the administrative procedure optimized by the ACR. Finally, this review article may be useful for future research about ACR.

Pág 855-865, 29 Jun