María Elizabeth Reyes González

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1056-1064

In the present study, the psychometric properties of the questionnaire for the evaluation of teaching competence for students of a police professional technical school were determined, which included the participation of 319 police students; The results show, in content validity, valid scores greater than .80, in the criteria of clarity, coherence and relevance, in construct validity measured through exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis with the following results in the RSMEA indices = .061 , SRMR = .052, CFI =.997, TLI=.997, in reliability obtained through the McDonald Omega coefficient, with acceptable values for the PEA planning and management factor, the coefficient was .91 and in the driving factor and evaluation of the PEA, the coefficient reached was .96. Finally, the corresponding scales were drawn for the qualification of the test.

Pág 1056-1064, 14 Jul