Julio César Nuntón More, Manuel Lorenzo Germán Cáceres, Flor Delicia Heredia Llatas

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1120-1127

The fundamental orientation of modernity in the public management of local governments is to obtain high levels of efficiency in quality of service in terms of attention, accountability and transparency, allowing the generation of public value for citizens. The general purpose is to examine the modernization in administrative governance in local governments, a systematic review. A descriptive method of the systematic analysis type is applied, through the search of indexed journals in the data of the Dialnet, Scielo, Alicia and Scopus databases, selecting a total of 43 scientific articles. The results show the shortcomings and deficiencies existing in the State, regional and local governments that affect the life of the citizenry and the democratic process, being essential an integral management of modernity in public management that allows the government at its different levels., operate in an articulated and consistent manner. It is concluded that the perspective of efficient and effective modernization in administrative management focuses on the administrative development of government resources, in order to meet the needs and generate public value for people and promote the development and economic growth of countries.

Pág 1120-1127, 19 Jul