Alex Martin Saucedo Uriarte

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1096-1103

In different studies, it has been individually reported that parenting styles and aggression predict emotional intelligence; however, these contributions have not been verified in the Peruvian context, therefore, the objective of this study was to verify said prediction. The sample consisted of 198 adolescents from 12 to 18 years old (M=14.6, SD=1.37, 52% men) from the Zaña district, the instruments applied were the Steinberg PSS, the Buss AQ, the EQ-i:YV of Bar-On and, the analysis method was carried out in AMOS 23. The results showed that the initial model proposed of parenting styles and aggression as predictors of emotional intelligence did not have a good fit (TLI=.70, CFI= .77, SRMR=.095, RMSEA=.111). The respecified model proved to have a good fit (X2=2.16 [df=1, p>.05], TLI=.92, CFI=.98, SRMR=.046 and RMSEA=.077). It is concluded that psychological autonomy and anger predict emotional intelligence in adolescents.

Pág 1096-1103, 19 Jul