Richard Ivan Orrego Puelles, Ludim Ceferino Tapullima Patow, Neyma Orrego Puelles, Aracely Villanueva Apagüeño

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1278-1286

This research studies the relationship between school and family, focusing on educational strategies to strengthen family participation in the learning of secondary school students. Through various investigations, three main strategies were identified: direct communication between parents and teachers, home visits and the integration of parents in academic and administrative activities. The research was conducted through systemic analysis, for which the PRISMA method was used. Six exclusion and inclusion criteria were used, which resulted in fifteen articles out of the 320 articles found in the databases consulted: Scopus, Scielo and Redalyc. Among the main findings, it was found that the new strategies are oriented towards communication between parents and teachers, the optimization of time and the constant consultation of parents’ satisfaction with school services.

Pág 1278-1286, 27 Jul