Zoila María Pinedo Vega

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1373-1379

This research presents a review of scientific articles of the last 5 years on research related to educational quality, which records the Peruvian reality, taking as reference different databases, such as; Scopus, Web of Sciences, Scielo and Dialnet, among articles from Peru and other countries in the South American region where there is also interest in this topic. The following question was asked: How is the quality of education in Peru perceived in the last 5 years? It should be noted that this study consists of systematically exploring articles related to the quality of education in the Peruvian territory. Therefore, we have considered informative data from academic search engines, that is, documents published in indexed academic journals. It is concluded that educational quality is conditioned to sustainable educational policy guidelines, good pedagogical management and good teacher practices.

Pág 1373-1379, 31 Jul