Merly Fiorella Cuadra Alvarado, Daniel Alfredo Cribilleros Rios, Rolando Ronald Cruzado Vidal, Shirley Isabel Mogollón Rosales

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1566-1576

The objective of research was to carry out a review of literature in databases of indexed journals on training in the public sector in Peru in period 2020-2022. Methodology used was systematic review and databases consulted were Scopus and Scielo. PRISMA guide was applied for selection of studies and Strobe to evaluate editorial and methodological quality. Search was carried out using words related to the research topic, among them; “training in the public sector” “training management”. In initial search considering the word “training in the public sector” 7628 scientific articles were identified, of which 817 articles were screened that included the variable training in public sector in title or abstract, excluding 6758 articles. Based on application of inclusion and exclusion criteria, 150 articles are directly related to research topic were selected and finally 57 scientific publications were meta-analyzed. The findings of systematic review of selected articles in different databases show all the authors agree on importance of training management in public sector. Training management should be an institutional policy of public entities. Training management must be implemented and designed by each of entities and this must be managed based on levels and positions, as well as the functions performed by server within the entity.

Pág 1566-1576, 20 Aug