Nancy Liliana Heredia Carhuapoma

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1691-1695

The objective of the research is to know the characteristics of child affective deprivation in the family history of spouses with a dynamic of violence. Recognizing importance of this issue in psychology and interpersonal violence, we investigated how lack of affection and emotional support in childhood can influence emotional and social development, and ultimately adult relationships. It was found that individuals with experiences of affective deprivation in childhood have a greater tendency to emotional problems and difficulties in forming healthy relationships in adulthood. The refore, study concluded that understanding the relationship between affective deprivation and intimate partner violence is crucial to identify risk and protective factors in interpersonal relationships. The results could inform development of interruptions and prevention programs to foster healthy relationships and prevent intimate partner violence.

Pág 1691-1695, 30 Aug