Yahandra T. Guerra Zambrano , Segundo V. León Ramírez, Luis A. García Altamirano, Jorge I. Cruzalegui Guadianos

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1751-1758

Citizen participation is one of most useful tools to promote change and access to political decisions. Objective of this research was to carry out a review of literature published in period 2019-2022 on citizen participation in public affairs. Methodology used was systematic review of the scientific literature related to citizen participation in public affairs in Scopus, Web of Sciences, Scielo and Google Scholar databases. Prisma guide was applied for selection of studies and Strobe to evaluate editorial and methodological quality. In the initial search, 15,526 scientific articles were identified, of which 4,283 were screened, including the variable CITIZEN PARTICIPATION in title or abstract, based on the application of inclusion and exclusion criteria, 24 scientific publications were meta-analyzed. Most of studies (87.5%) were published between years 2020-2022, mainly in journals indexed in the Scielo (41.67%), Scopus (33.33%) database, 16.67% in Web of Sciences and a smaller proportion (12.50%) in Google Scholar. Results of systematic review allow us to conclude conceptual origins of citizen participation are found in broader debate on democratic theory. Its practical connection with political system arises precisely from limitation of representative democracy in its relations with citizens.

Pág 1751-1758, 10 Sep