Fidel Adrian Salizar Moquillaza, Carola Patricia Cucat Vilchez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1842-1847

Public contracting is a mechanism where a responsible intervention is made in economic, social and political aspects of society, which allows guiding behavior of factors involved in a public contract. Objective of this research is to carry out a review of literature published in period 2018-2023 on public contracts with foreign companies for aeronautical material for military use. Methodology used was systematic review of scientific literature related to public procurement with foreign companies for aeronautical material for military use in Scopus, Web of Sciences, Scielo and Google Scholar databases. Prisma guide was applied for selection of studies and Strobe to evaluate editorial and methodological quality. In initial search, 338 scientific investigations were identified, of which 130 were screened that included the variable public procurement in military purchases in Peru in title or abstract, based on application of inclusion and exclusion criteria, 10 scientific publications were meta-analyzed. Most of studies (60%) are distributed between years 2020-2022, published entirely in Peru on personnel belonging to Army (30%) and the National Police (30%), and only 10% of these belong to Air Force. All investigations were published in Google Scholar database.

Pág 1842-1847, 17 Sep