Luis Enrique Tarma Carlos, Carlos Eduardo Zulueta Cueva, Elena Estefanía Coloma Castillo, Cesar Emmanuel Cubas Ramírez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.1894-1898

The objective of this research was to evaluate the professional performance of the graduates of the Architecture Programs in Piura and Trujillo, conducting a descriptive, applied, non-experimental, cross-sectional design research, with a mixed approach, considering as the study population the companies of the construction and real estate sector of the Trujillo and Piura region, whose sample was 340 surveys through a two-stage stratified sampling, presented to the employers through a survey, determining the level of job performance and level of satisfaction of employers. The results showed that the level of satisfaction of employers in Piura and Trujillo, on average, is somewhat satisfied with the level of job performance of architecture graduates and their level of performance is outstanding as project designers and researchers and as executors of architectural works, their level of performance is acceptable.

Pág 1894-1898, 21 Sep