Doris Rojas Calle, Jimmy Pacherrez Riva, Orlando Terrones Suárez, Alex Córdova Vásquez, Brensy Graciela Rojas Rojas, Palmira Rosaliz García García, Keller Sánchez Dávila, Rosa Mabel Contreras Julián

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2097-2117

The objective of this study was to make a proposal for citizen participation to improve municipal management in the District of Nueva Cajamarca, 2023, regarding the methodology used, it was considered as a type of applied study, of a non-experimental, quantitative, cross-sectional, purposeful design. The population was made up of a total of 18,329 people, of whom 18,145 are citizens and 184 are officials and workers, the sample was represented by a total of 501 people, of whom 376 are citizens and 125 are officials and workers, as a technique it was used. the survey and as a data collection instrument the questionnaire. Through the application of the questionnaire for the collection of information, among its results, it was determined that citizen participation is perceived as low by 81% from the perspective of citizens and by officials it has a medium level with a 65% At the same time, municipal management by citizens is low with 76% and from the perspective of officials it has a high level. It concludes that, given that citizens perceive citizen participation as low and municipal management as deficient, the design of the citizen participation proposal to improve municipal management is an effective and successful solution to address these problems positively.

Pág 2097-2117, 03 Oct