Luis Alberto Rubiños Aliaga, Luz Elina Fernandez Coronel, Maria Poluche Tello, Keller Sánchez Dávila

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2262-2278

The general objective of the research was to establish a proposal for a comprehensive incentive plan to contribute to the district municipal management of San Cristóbal, Picota province, 2022. The type of study was basic, mixed approach, non-experimental design. The population was made up of 1873, the sample for only 319. The data collection techniques were the survey and interview. The results showed that the incentive plan variable and municipal management were found at a deficient level 46.6% and 38%, this implies that there is low compliance with the goals and that it does not benefit the population in general. Coming to conclude that the design of the proposal oriented to the comprehensive incentive plan contributes to the improvement of the municipal management of the District of San Cristóbal, province of Picota, this implies having fully defined procedures that facilitate organization, being this the programming of actions, continuous monitoring of physical goals, independent evaluations of the budget and management incentive; where it is allowed to provide products for the achievement of specific results in the population and development of the entire locality; meet previously established goals through efficient strategic, operational and participatory management.

Pág 2262-2278, 03 Oct