Paolo Patricio Philipps Arévalo, Luz Elina Fernandez Coronel, Alan Guillermo Gallo Alvarez, Brensy Graciela Rojas Rojas, Elaine Dávila Rodríguez, Keller Sánchez Dávila, Rosa Mabel Contreras Julián

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2029-2052

The objective was to design a comprehensive management model to help massif sports development in the Province of San Martín, 2023. The approach was quantitative, descriptive-projective design; sample 1 was 30 officials of the Province of San Martín, 2023 and sample 2 196 inhabitants of the Province of San Martín, 2023; four questionnaires were used, valid according to 5 experts and with reliability of (0.855), (0.824), (0.855), (0.801); the data systematized in the EXCEL program. Comprehensive management for civil servants is good at 57%, for citizens, bad at 53%. Sports development for civil servants is 60\% high, for citizens it is 51% low. It was concluded that the design of a comprehensive management model that helps to massif sports development in the Province of San Martín, allows interconnecting sports events, inter-institutional coordination and physical education and health in the province; its comprehensive management allows the massification of sport, through programs for the general population, and high competence for qualified athletes; promoting in turn competition activities, interaction and linkage with strengthened institutions that support their development.

Pág 2029-2052, 02 Oct