Shamira Condori Contreras, Every Yuliana Meza Cosi, Mónica Gamión Heredia, Victoria Yolanda Lizárraga Concha

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2312-2321

In the educational process, the need to develop autonomous learning (AA) has been seen due to excessive development of information and knowledge, it is important and necessary all students are capable of learning to learn and to have autonomy in their learning. Understand this as mentioned by Crispin et al. (2011) a process in which the student regulates his learning by becoming aware of this process, therefore, through this bibliographic review article the objective was to identify what is known and what is relevant to autonomous learning in addition to that aspects are unknown or controversial questions about autonomous learning, within the main results of the analysis carried out on 42 scientific articles from different countries, it was found that AA is multidimensional given that when executed it also develops other educational aspects, such as metacognition, lifelong learning, with the complex thinking, self-evaluation among other aspects, in addition, the implementation of different strategies for its development was found, the same ones that in most cases make use of information technologies (ICT).

Pág 2312-2321, 05 Oct