Alex Córdova Vásquez, Palmira Rosaliz Garcia Garcia, Juana Maribel Lavado Enríquez, Luis Alberto Saavedra García, Danny Armas Murrieta, Doris Rojas Calle, Keller Sánchez Dávila, Rosa Mabel Contreras Julián

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2354-2374

The purpose of the study was to design a local economic development proposal to contribute to the socioeconomic growth of the Soritor district of the Moyobamba Province 2022, for which it took 18 officials and 377 residents as a sample, using data collection instruments. Given this, the investigation identifies the levels of the dimensions of local economic development which maintains a medium to high level as stated by the officials, indicating that the planning, organization, direction and control processes have been carried out adequately and that they are complying with the goals, while the population qualifies it in average weighting, due to deficiencies observed in municipal management. Regarding the identification of dimensions of socioeconomic growth, in the demographic aspect, families are made up mostly of 1 to 4 members, the home is a cement floor and a tin roof, basic services mostly have drinking water, electrification, education and health. In addition, a medium level of socioeconomic growth was achieved. The study concludes that based on the theory of the DEMUCA Foundation, a proposal that includes strategic development axes was designed and validated.

Pág 2354-2374, 09 Oct