Patricia Leonor Tazo Crisostomo, Monica Gamión Heredia, Marilú Fanny López Atencio

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2375-2382

When we talk about Emotional Intelligence we are referring to a very popular topic that, thanks to Goleman, received greater emphasis at an international level, giving rise to the topic being expanded in the field of research and even more so in the field of education, psychology, culture among others. This topic is so influential that we find it in many work areas where when evaluating interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships, likewise in education where it is too immersed in the teaching-learning practice of students in all Educational Institutions, it is It is essential to highlight that In this systematic review work the main objective is to expose how much relationship exists between meaningful learning and emotional intelligence, since they are the main objects of study that this research directs. The objective of the work was to find the relationship between emotional intelligence and significant learning in children of Early Education under 06 years of age. To fulfill this purpose, a review of many research works was carried out, such as: theses, magazines, publications. , among others. Among the results we have documents that were analyzed where they indicate that, if there is a relationship between emotional intelligence and meaningful learning, at the same time we were able to see an indirect relationship between the variables.

Pág 2375-2382, 13 Oct