Tinco Aquehua Miluzca

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2509-2516

Today, the educational system has the need to count on qualified personnel, within which they have established strategies such as pedagogical support to be part of the teacher’s development guide, improving in this way their performance as a whole of the academic performance of many students. Ultimately, the main objective was to determine the relationship between pedagogical support and teaching performance in basic education. The study methodology was developed through a quantitative approach, the design was non-experimental, transversal in nature, considering 117 teachers applying the questionnaires. The results show that 64.1% in the variable pedagogical support are at a regular level; Furthermore, teaching performance is evident at a high level; asymism, 68.4% are at a regular level. In conclusion, there is a significant relationship between the variables, represented by a Rho of 0.546**.

Pág 2509-2516, 24 Oct