Bezai Quispe Grajeda, Carlos Alberto Villafuerte Álvarez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2570-2576

The scientific article was to determine the impact of creative thinking on the autonomous learning process of fifth-year high school students at a public institution. This objective is addressed through a quantitative approach, using a sample of 77 students at this level of education. The results of the study show a worrying trend in relation to lack of autonomy in the learning process with 80.5% of students who almost never evaluate information themselves and 49.4% who feel they have a basic preparation for decision-making, suggesting a significant lack of critical thinking in their learning approach. In conclusion, this study highlights the lack of autonomy in the learning process of fifth-grade students and the need to actively promote creative thinking and self-regulation in the educational context.

Pág 2570-2576, 30 Oct