Jesús Arturo Hurtado Gozme

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2648-2655

Academic leadership has been the subject of research in a wide range of contexts, from educational inclusion to business innovation. This has led to a multifaceted study of this topic, approaching it from various perspectives, such as the role of the principal and its relationship with educational quality, factors and leadership practices related to educational quality, the importance of transformational and transactional approaches to improving learning and teaching, as well as the current status of leadership training within the framework of pedagogical innovation. In this regard, the objective of this literature review was to analyze academic publications in high-impact journals related to leadership within the school environment. To carry out this study, a descriptive systematic review was employed, encompassing 30 articles from Latin American countries. The most prominent results emphasize the considerable attention given to the role of the principal and their influence on the enhancement of educational quality, particularly in connection with transformational and transactional leadership. These leadership approaches have been identified as crucial factors directly impacting the quality of the teaching and learning process. Furthermore, the relevance of leadership training today and its association with the leadership types in the context of educational innovation are underscored as measures to ensure educational quality in times of constant change.

Pág 2648-2655, 05 Nov