Jessica Mirna Padilla Anaya

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2656-2664

The phenomenon of directive leadership in educational institutions has undergone thorough examination from various perspectives, encompassing aspects from managerial competencies to inclusion. Nonetheless, this subject has rarely been the main focus of investigation; it is more commonly studied as a variable that influences or is related to other critical factors, such as training in managerial competencies, school climate, inclusion, and teacher performance. Given this situation, the primary aim of this research article is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of academic production, specifically in journals indexed in Scopus, Proquest Web of Science, and Scielo, concentrating on issues related to directive leadership in Latin American educational institutions. To achieve this, 38 research articles from various Latin American countries were meticulously used, applying a descriptive bibliographic review methodology. The findings of this investigation revealed that the most frequently explored topic is the influence of school leadership on various factors within its sphere of influence.

Pág 2656-2664, 05 Nov