Gloria Rivera Ruiz

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2770-2777

The objective of this study was to establish the importance of the teacher’s pedagogical management in his educational practice and how this correlates with the academic performance of the students. The research was conducted through a bibliographic review of 23 scientific articles. The findings indicate that there is a significant relationship between effective pedagogical management and the quality of teaching. Rey (2014) emphasizes that the teacher is the agent of change in this process, and their personal evolution is crucial for the educational transformation of the student. The conclusion highlights that the quality of education is reflected in the quality of the teaching process, emphasizing the relevance of pedagogical management as a critical factor in achieving quality education. This study is of crucial importance in the educational field, as it underlines the need to focus improvement efforts on teacher training and their classroom management competencies, which have been identified as critical points, especially in higher education, where a crisis in pedagogical management has been detected.

Pág 2770-2777, 15 Nov