Maritza Toribio Ramos

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2795-2808

Public policies in regular basic education (PP EBR) were investigated from different contexts that were evidenced during the review process from the open school to quality management. In this sense, the PP in RBE is a variable that is associated with various categories and educational realities in the countries of the world such as: education without discrimination, comprehensive health, education in pandemic, bilateral cooperation, educational policy. In order to have a clear vision on the subject, it was proposed as an objective to analyze the bibliography on public policies in regular basic education in the world with its different contexts, in journals such as Web or Science, Proquest, Scielo and Scopus from 2015 to December 2022 keeping in mind the different approaches raised by the authors on the various issues in PP in RBE. For the research process, a descriptive literature review was chosen, where 54 articles in various languages and contexts were used. It should be noted that in the bibliographic reviews that stand out the most are those of educational policy, quality management and comprehensive health, finding education in a pandemic as a finding where the government has to execute plans and programs that promote comprehensive health.

Pág 2795-2808, 21 Nov