Yvi Lizbeth Vilchez Marreros, Marcos Miguel Coronado Terrones

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.2885-2891

The objective is to systematize the research located in warehouses and databases referring to Digital Competences in Basic Education teachers based on a bibliographic review; for which the documentary analysis and review method was used with a sample of 29 articles located in warehouses and scientific information bases such as redalyc, Scopus, Scielo, Ebsco, academic google, the Trilce plataform corresponding to the university. The findings showed that digital competence has been understood as a system of vital skills that is useful in virtual spaces that serve to develop learning experiences and improve teacher training and performance. The theoretical constructs of connectivism and constructionism as theoretical approaches support digital skills based on learning processes, use of media and information for the generation of a digital community through networks; as well as the use and variety of a system generated through virtual interaction of different types; because assuming them means developing adaptations for the teaching and learning processes that include feedback in the training processes in which criticism, analysis, communication, research and reflection are inserted. Teachers in their work performance use is related to the management of information and development of skills, communication and collaboration capacity, creation of digital content, application of actions for media safety in virtual activities and to solve problems in learning environments in the academic relationships of learning experiences.

Pág 2885-2891, 25 Nov