Victoria Yolanda Lizárraga Concha, Melvin Ochoa Medina, Every Yuliana Meza Cosi, Shamira Condori Contreras

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3000-3005

The research focuses on exploring the interest of students of the VII cycle of an educational institution in Cusco regarding learning strategies in basic sciences during the year 2023. The fundamental question of how these strategies affect the level of interest of the students is addressed. students in scientific subjects. The methodological design adopted is non-experimental and cross-sectional, so the information was collected through standardized questionnaires, to subsequently carry out a statistical analysis and achieve systematized data processing. The sample was made up of 154 students from third to fifth grade of secondary school from an educational institution in the city of Cusco. The results of this research will not only contribute to understanding the learning dynamics of students, but will also offer valuable information to improve educational strategies in basic sciences. Implementing more effective pedagogical approaches could not only increase students’ interest, but also improve their academic performance and encourage more active participation in the educational process.

Pág 3000-3005, 02 Dec