Eliana Cristina Durand Machicado

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3020-3028

The research had the objective of reviewing scientific documents on social responsibility and solid waste management. Method: descriptive and review of national and international articles, referring to the variable. An exhaustive bibliographic research was carried out, focusing on the last years, with updated documents. The results: most of the investigations have positive results, proposing recommendations that contribute to the disposal of solid waste, which makes evident the management and continuous improvement of the processes, for the good of the population in general. Most studies agree that the first step to become aware of a situation and take action is to know, therefore the documents under review propose workshops, continuous improvement plans, Iso standards; Which embody solid waste management and reflect social responsibility, taking into account the commitment to achieve changes. Ignorance of the variables makes waste management deficient and therefore brings contamination.

Pág 3020-3028, 05 Dec