Marilú Fanny López Atencio, Jose David Espinoza Suárez, Vidal Huamán Marlene

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3089-3099

The establishment of the systematic review allowed us to interpret, know, analyze and estimate the psychomotor and learning variables. The purpose of this article was to know the incidence in the documentary review, according to the criteria selected within the study for its possible consideration. Likewise, an analytical-descriptive type of study was used, because our main function was focused on the review of the different research corresponding to articles, in order to achieve its own analysis. Thus, we concluded that we had as a conclusion the relationship between the variables due to their depth and concordance with respect to the factors and characteristics that they possess. Finally, we believe it is necessary to focus on psychomotor skills, since this will determine the way in which the person will acquire learning.

Pág 3089-3099, 11 Dec