Miguel Atanacio Benites Benites, Carmen Andrea Castro Valle, Luis Arturo Castro Valle

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3140-3147

The following review article analyzes the impact of the Institutional Climate on the Performance of teachers. For this purpose, twenty-two articles published in some scientific journals were reviewed. The databases used were Scielo, Scopus, Scholar, Dialnet and Redalyc. A systematic scientific review of the literature was used, which was developed in three stages: selection, review and systematization. Among the inclusion criteria we have research that was published in the last five years and has the support of institutions with prestige or universities; Among the exclusion criteria, any work that does not have the variables or that comes from unreliable sources or is undergraduate or Master’s work was discarded. The best prepared articles that express our stated objectives were selected, which served as input to develop our results and finally the conclusions; providing us that the Institutional Climate directly influences the work performance of teachers due to the excellence of their work, and therefore, the learning and motivation of their students, to fulfill this task; Colleges, institutes and universities need to catch up to have good management of the institutional climate.

Pág 3140-3147, 14 Dec