Delicia De Jesus Vargas Gutierrez, Janet Janina Gomez Chagua, Ana Zoila Nomberto Luperdi, Anélida Tello Díaz, Miosoty Lozano Achuy, Gladis Milagros Vargas Gutiérrez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3251-3258

The general objective of this research work was to determine the level of influence of teacher performance and transformational leadership on the quality of education in an IEP Moyobamba 2023. To do this, we worked under a quantitative approach, basic type, of a causal correlational non-experimental design with 77 teachers from an IEP in Moyobamba, to whom 3 questionnaires were applied to measure the variables of teacher performance, transformational leadership and educational quality. It was obtained as a result that the influence of teacher performance and transformational leadership on the educational quality of an IEP Moyobamba 2023 is significant with a p of 0.008 and a Nagelkerke R of 0.092, which establishes that 9.2% of the quality Education depends on teacher performance and transformational leadership. Therefore, it is concluded that teacher performance and transformational leadership do influence the educational quality of the Moyobamba IEP and this means that, if the performance of teachers and the transformational leadership exercised by the management team are improved, the quality of educational service.

Pág 3251-3258, 21 Dec