Consuelo Patricia Levis Guerrero

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.4033-4044

This article is proposed to reflect on New Post-pandemic teaching strategies, in order to analyze the changes after the return to presence in schools, where students live connected to the internet, public educational institutions are not prepared for the digital age and Teachers face the difficult and accelerated change of model with adaptation of new post-pandemic teaching strategies. This article was written based on the following sources of information: Scopus, Mendeley and Cielo; an approximation of 60 articles indexed in English and Spanish. These information documents were analyzed according to socioeconomic and socioemotional criteria, determined as the year of seniority and relevant information, so information was collected from scientific articles during the period 2020-2023. Where the scientific evidence and comparisons of the new post-pandemic teaching strategies were analyzed, which has allowed us to know and have a better understanding of this topic, serving as a source of knowledge for different areas of our society.

Pág 4033-4044, 25 Dec