Rosio del Pilar Mesta Delgado

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3354-3361

Based on bibliometrics, as well as the analytical review of the literature, a review of the state of the art of the phenomenon of workplace violence in nursing has been developed. First, a keyword search argument was formulated in Scopus, with which statistical publications have been prepared such as: evolution over time, types of publications, areas of knowledge and countries. It is concluded that according to the Scopus database the topic has been discussed since 1993, however, it is in 2012 that interest on the part of researchers arises, the publications are essentially made as original articles, which are approached as a problem that crosses borders, and involves gender violence, sociocultural aspects, that involves many disciplines such as nursing. The history of the art of violence involves health establishments that continually experience crises of violence that affect and affect their health personnel, specifically the nursing staff. This phenomenon affects their development and ability to move forward and face new challenges. Bibliometric research provides a panoramic view of the state of the art, trends, international collaboration and central issues in the field of workplace violence against nurses, laying the foundation for new studies in this critical area.

Pág 3354-3361, 27 Dec