Lelis Roseni López Meléndez, Dora Concepción Calvo Gastañaduy

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3420-3424

Early childhood care needs to be individual and specialized, and technology, when properly integrated as a motivational tool, can enhance communication and learning skills. In Peru, this new situation has generated conflicts with the current educational system and has revealed significant discrepancies between the skills that are emphasized in training centers and those that are necessary in the current and future world. In this sense, the objective set was to know the importance of digital competence in early childhood in Peruvian urban areas. The study was developed under a qualitative scheme, the bibliographic technique was used and the signing as a tool, for this purpose the literature available in the Google Scholar, Google and SciELO databases was reviewed, from where academic access studies were rescued and selected. public and contents in indexed journals with the respective scientific accreditation. It was concluded that the digitalized contemporary world demands new soft skills; For this purpose, it is necessary to promote the Peruvian educational sector, through public policies aimed at strengthening the use of digital media in a timely and continuous manner to guarantee educational quality.

Pág 3420-3424, 30 Dec