Rossana Eva Polo Pucutay, Flabio Romeo Paca Pantigoso, Oscar Moises Villalobos Risco

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3474-3483

The implemlentation of olccupational saflety and healtlh melasures not only improlves the quallity of lifle of workers bult alslo increases productivity and redluces costs associated with occupational accidents and illnesses. The objelctive of this artilcle is to delineate the importance of safety and health management in local governments in relation to management, worker participation, and standards. The methlodology wals balsed on the PRlISMA statement, 24 arlticles wlere seleclted and a search was condulcted in the SCOPlUS and WlEB OF SClIENCE datalbases betwelen 2020 anld 2023. Thle reslults show that occupatilonal safelty and hlealth managelment is a comprehensive process aimed at safeguarding the plhysical, mentlal and soclial well-beilng of wolrkers through the prevention, elimination, minimization and control of occupational hazards. The active participation of workers allows a more effective identification and control of risks. For this reason, regulations are fundamental as they establish the requirements and principles that employers must follow to ensure the safety and health of their workers. In conclusion, occupatiolnal saflety and heallth manalgement in local governments is important as a comprehensive process aimed at protecting the welfare of workers by implementing policies, programs and procedures to enslure a salfe and heallthy wlork enlvironment.

Pág 3474-3483, 31 Dec