Wilmer Sánchez Cotrina

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3392-3401

Faced with the constant technological changes that are experienced, the educational process is forced to use virtual platforms, that is why this article is a review of information and its purpose is to present relevant information from the different articles and authors related to the subject of virtual platforms in education, in the same way the opinions of authors were known, in addition we can mention that virtual environments have now become so important in the use of virtual platforms for the educational process of students, as an introductory part it can be stated that PVA facilitates work in virtualized distance education, since that from the use of the internet, information has become extensive worldwide and therefore in Peru and in basic education a transversal competence “develops in virtual environments generated by ICT” has been implemented, with their respective capacities. Likewise, the methodology of the work is presented, indicating what procedures will be followed and how the article will be made, finally the results and discussion of the authors and journals found in relation to the subject under study are presented.

Pág 3392-3401, 29 Dec