Cesar Enrique Torres Castillo

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3529-3537

This systematic analysis delves into the complex issue of the disciplinary regime in public administration, analyzing it, exploring its execution problems and evaluating the results and effects of the Disciplinary Regime in Public Administration. The methodology used follows the PRISMA guidelines, establishing inclusion and exclusion criteria that allowed the identification, collection, analysis and discussion of 15 relevant articles in the Scopus and Web Of Science databases from a total of 266 publications; Likewise, the review covers the period from 2018-2023, highlighting the scarcity and complexity of relevant documents related to the topic. Furthermore, it is evident in the bibliometric results of the research that Peru, Kenya, Spain and others are the countries with the greatest representation in significant contribution. It was concluded that there are still crucial areas without being explored in depth, which is why this gap in the literature highlights the need for future research to understand the complexity and effectiveness of the disciplinary regime in public administration.

Pág 3529-3537, 31 Dec