Santos Guilliana García Gil

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3550-3560

From a bibliometric analysis, this article aims to analyse the scientific production related to the learning of English in the context of andragogical education, taking as a reference publications related to strategies and methodologies for the development of linguistic skills and linguistic communication. A total of 229 scientific articles published in books and journals over the last 10 years were collected, extracting information by author and year from the Scopus database. The number of publications related to bibliometric analysis indicates an increase and interest in adult language learning. However, one of the main challenges to learning a second language in andragogical education is lack of motivation, time and opportunities to practice this language. The results obtained provide valuable information for researchers, educators and practitioners interested in adult language learning. Research areas have undergone updates and combinations of language learning strategies with the aim of applying these innovations in higher education institutions. This bibliometric analysis shows that English language learning in andragogical education is currently of great importance and relevance.

Pág 3550-3560, 31 Dec