Carlos Enrique Valencia Obeso

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3769-3774

The objective of the research was to demonstrate that the formative evaluation model (MEVAFOR) improves the level of achievement in written composition. It was an applied research, with a pre-experimental design and quantitative approach. The population consisted of 160 students and, through the non-probabilistic technique, a sample of 26 students was made. The instrument used was a documentary analysis sheet to evaluate argumentative abilities in a written composition and has been adapted from Van Dick’s theory. As results, it was obtained that the mean in the PRE group was lower (45.615) compared to the POS group (84.154), with a t statistical value = 9.269 and a p value < .001. It is concluded that the formative evaluation program significantly improves the written composition of argumentative texts.

Pág 3769-3774, 31 Dec