Heli Adán Verde Rodríguez

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3652-3661

The main objective of this study was to systematically analyze municipal management in the last five years, identifying patterns, challenges and successful practices at an international level, with the purpose of contributing to the formulation of strategies that promote efficiency in the administration of public resources. and satisfy citizen expectations. The methodology was of basic type, systematic review research design, observational, integrative, secondary, retrospective. A systematic and bibliographical search of documents was carried out in the following databases: Dialnet, Ebsco Host, Scielo, Science Direct, Scopus, selecting 40 articles. The results demonstrate the diversity of approaches and conclusions in municipal management, revealing an overview of the research over the last five years. The combination of these studies contributes to a more complete understanding of the challenges, trends and possible solutions in the area of municipal management. They conclude that the main findings reveal a diversity of approaches and perspectives in municipal management, addressing areas such as innovation, knowledge management, political interference, digital transformation and citizen participation. These key issues provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and successful practices municipalities face today.

Pág 3652-3661, 31 Dec