Jenny Elizabeth Vega García De Chauca

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3775-3780

This research was carried out in the city of Huaraz in a private university, its purpose was to determine the relationship between the perception of research and teaching performance according to students; It was basic, descriptive cross-sectional, non-experimental correlational with a quantitative approach; The population was 560 students, the sample was 228; To obtain information, the survey technique was used, as an instrument, a questionnaire validated by experts with a reliability level of 0.96. Results extracted according to a structural regression model revealed that the research has a very significant relationship with teaching performance, with a factor of 0.581. It is concluded that research is an important element that favors teaching performance and helps teachers stay updated with the latest advances in their field and develop new teaching methodologies.

Pág 3775-3780, 31 Dec