Edgar Avalos Infanzón

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3979-3985

In Peru there is a great dilemma regarding public policies on road safety that directly has to do with traffic accidents and that must be the subject of attention by the Peruvian State by applying public policies on road safety issues in Peru; The Peruvian territory presents the infrastructure of bumpy roads around all the regions, understanding that the central government in an articulated manner with the regional governments and local governments should work on a public policy on road safety where the traffic accidents that occur in the country are always present. public roads that involve different elements of public roads such as: road infrastructure and its environment, road users, vehicles, traffic accidents. In road safety we can also talk about injuries caused by motor vehicles in traffic accidents where they can somehow be reduced by implementing certain public policies. As an objective, we seek to analyze the scientific and theoretical-methodological knowledge on public policies on road safety. Therefore, this research deals with public policies on road safety; where the PRISMA systematic literature review methodology was used where the systematic search was carried out for articles in Spanish, English and Portuguese that are indexed on the website of Scopus, Scielo, ClinicalKey and Elsevier where 92 articles were initially identified from the which 40 articles met the selection criteria.

Pág 3979-3985, 31 Dec