Mercedes Llontop Chimayco

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3725-3731

Reading comprehension is the ability to understand what is read, and is essential for learning and social participation. The study sought to show that a program based on teaching strategies applied to Peruvian teachers improves reading comprehension. The research was applied, experimental design, pre-experimental, developed in Peruvian teachers of regular basic education (primary level), with whom the program was developed, previously applying a pretest prepared by the author, which had content validity. by expert judgment and reliability through Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient in a pilot sample, guaranteeing its applicability, at the end the test was applied again. The results showed the effectiveness of the program by demonstrating that its application improves skills for better reading comprehension (t=23.962; ∆M=31.154; p<.001 and d=6.646); Therefore, it should be applied in general to all regular basic teachers in Peruvian schools.

Pág 3725-3731, 31 Dec