María Eva Delgado Rueda, Katiuska Villasante Vergara de Davila, Antonieta Elza Arana Echevarria, Flor de María Zapata Cornejo

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2023/v23cs.3543-3549

The aim was to describe writing development strategies in children. A systematic review was conducted using search algorithms such as “Writing development AND Writing in children” and “writing development with doi.” Open-access articles in English and Spanish from 2017 to 2023 were considered. The search yielded 48 articles from Scielo, 8 from Web of Science, 9 from Springer Link, 5 from Science Direct, 8 from Taylor & Francis, and 18 from Scopus, totaling 96 articles. After removing 12 duplicates and excluding 65 incomplete articles, 4 articles were excluded, leaving a total of 15 articles. The study concluded that the writing process should be diagnosed for prevention, parents should acquire knowledge and understanding of writing development to promote literacy skills, there should be a prioritization of handwriting, consideration of linguistic processes such as phonological awareness and working memory, and teachers should engage in activities of interest, such as play, to develop children’s motor skills.

Pág 3543-3549, 31 Dec