Waldir Milan Espirilla Sicos, David Del Castillo Ruiz Caro, Flabio Romeo Paca Pantigoso

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.212-218

This academic research focused on examining in detail the nature and content of the information disclosed by local governments in Peru. These governments, which historically monopolized certain information, are now obligated to make it accessible to the public. The study explored how the Open Government initiative contributes to improving public management in local entities, offering alternative solutions to the current challenges of public administration, within the broader context of state reform and modernization. The main objective of this study was to conduct a comprehensive bibliographic analysis that provides a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of open government data in Peruvian local governments. To this end, a systematic review of the scientific literature was carried out, reviewing articles from prominent databases such as Scopus, WOS, ProQuest, and JSTOR, covering publications between 2018 and 2022. The study was characterized as non-experimental, with a non-experimental, descriptive, and analytical design. The approach is qualitative and focuses on understanding and analyzing the ideas, theories, concepts, and results present in the existing literature. The method employed was a systematic review, allowing for a comprehensive and comparative evaluation of Open Government practices in the local sphere in Peru in a cross-sectional study.

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