Jorge Duberlin Alarcón Díaz, Orlando Alarcón Díaz, Noelia Alarcón Díaz, Daysi Soledad Alarcón Díaz

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.266-272

The Open Government model is a fundamental factor for public entities to develop a democratic, transparent management, with citizens informed and involved and considered in decision-making in the interest of the state, promoting their leadership and participation, to which this research article Its objective is to configure the basic theoretical foundations associated with the transformation in the values of the public service and in the organization offered by these entities; In this sense, we sought to specify the principles that make the Open Government model possible, highlight the relevance that the open government model acquires as an organizational culture for public entities. The study was developed based on a documentary bibliographic methodology that led to the obtaining of transcendent data and significant conceptual guidelines regarding the subject, considering the review of different scientific information from twenty experts, who contributed to the achievement of the proposed objective, determining that in times where the democratic system is so questioned due to lack of representativeness, legitimacy and support for institutions, entities find in the GA model a form of organization to consider users in public affairs and thus strengthen institutions by providing services quality.

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