Leydi Violeta Cubas Coronel

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.313-317

This article carried out a systematic review based on the topic inserting innovative technological strategies in formative evaluation, with the purpose of implementing it in the regional context, due to the knowledge of the realities of the institutions regarding technological management and the methodology used by educators. Qualitative approach was used under the bibliographic analysis design. The exploration of information was carried out through search engines and impact databases, in which articles of relevance and relevance were found. The results showed that the investigations reveal that the majority of educational institutions have technological tools that are very little used or if they are used by teachers, they are not trained to use them as part of the formative evaluation. It was concluded that there is a need to innovate in the processes of instruction and formative evaluation of learning, since this benefits the consolidation of student learning.

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