Nery Betty Valdivia Oroya de Rodriguez, Carlos Heraclides Pajuelo Camones, Soledad Sotelo Gonzales, Ronny Fernando Vizcarra Silvestre, Carlos José Gonzáles Walstrohm

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.454-464

The objective of this article was to identify how Electronic Government and Administrative Management are related in the MDJH in 2018, and thus it will be possible to generate an efficient application of the Electronic Government (EG) in the Public Management (PM) of local government and in Citizen Participation (CP), for which the non-experimental study and correlational descriptive design were considered carried out in the Jacobo Hunter District Municipality (JHDM) of Arequipa in 2018, specifically in the Urban Development Sub-Management (UDSM), being one of the most complex areas and with the greatest load and procedures under its responsibility, where the collection of data was through the survey and using the questionnaire as an instrument, the same that was validated with the judgment of experts; Likewise, this article takes into consideration that said study was submitted before COVID-19 so the importance and impact generated by the EG will be considered as a vital tool in current life in the Public sphere.

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