Haydée Salazar Culquicóndor, Claudia Rosalía Villón Prieto, Erick Carlo Figueroa Coronado

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.518-528

This article brings together the most relevant findings from around the world to help people understand the true meaning of writing, a valuable tool to stimulate imagination and creativity so that they can discover new experiences and learn the possibilities of reading, individual with the ability. of recognizing individual words and finding the meaning of specific written texts can significantly improve reading skills, while music plays an important role as an educational tool in the most important genres that children listen to and enjoy according to the results of the national assessment, only 14.5% of secondary school students reached a satisfactory level of skills in activating prior knowledge, discussion, understanding of the structure of the text, argumentation, reading aloud, summarizing, understanding and writing explanatory texts, their objective . general was to determine the extent to which musical activities Improving expository writing, including literacy, communication, art and language development among students, it has been suggested that introducing music into the classroom that helps improve learning related to the production of written words, it has been established that musical activities improve the expository writing skills of high school students of educational institutions in Trujillo, finally it is suggested that effective textualization strategies improve the expository writing skills of the students. students and specific teaching strategies are recommended for each case.

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