Aydeé Nancy Zevallos Castillo

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.504-510

The objective of the research was to determine the influence of the musical story on reading comprehension in early childhood education students. The methodological approach of the study was quantitative, applied, explanatory and with a pre-experimental design. The population consisted of 54 students, and the sample consisted of 26 students who were found by means of non-probabilistic, intentional and convenience sampling. The data collection was carried out by means of the observation technique and the test was used as an instrument. The main result was that there is a progress in reading comprehension after the application of the experimental activities, because students with low grades decreased and those with high grades increased. In conclusion, the application of the musical story had a significant influence on reading comprehension, given that the p-value=0.00 is less than α=0.05 (p<α).

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