Ana Kelly Ibañez Julca, Víctor Augusto Gonzales Soto, Edilberto Bardales Román, Judith Petronila Ascencio Gonzáles

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.945-952

The objective of the research was to propose a program of monitoring and support strategies to strengthen teaching performance in special basic education centers in the Lambayeque region, from a quantitative approach in its basic descriptive type with non-experimental projective design in a composite sample. of 89 teachers, through probabilistic sampling the sample was 69 teachers, using the information collection technique of the survey with the questionnaire instrument of teaching performance that was validated through expert judgment and reliability was executed in a pilot group with the Cron Bach alpha reliability index. The results of the diagnosis showed that the majority were at the medium level, so a proposal for monitoring and support strategies was implemented and was organized in three moments before, during and after monitoring and support with the appropriate strategies. For theoretical support, the critical reflective approach, school management theory, self-regulation theory and self-regulated learning theory were used, which together served as support for the research.

Pág 945-952, 04 Feb