Maritza Yovany Mestanza Tejada, Flor de María Sánchez Aguirre

DOI: 10.59427/rcli/2024/v24cs.1357-1363

The objective of this research was to present the results of the study on the influence of an educational intervention (program) for the production of argumentative texts on second cycle students of a public university in South Lima. This study uses a quasi-experimental design using an observation technique, quantitative methodology. To do this, a pre-test (n = 30) was applied first and then a post-test was carried out after applying the program. The results show that the students of this subject have improved in writing argumentative texts after applying this intervention. On the other hand, it is concluded from this research that to improve the production of argumentative texts, the execution of active strategies and methodologies in the classroom is required.

Pág 1357-1363, 06 Mar